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Somebody from a refugee background handwriting 'English is the key to my new life.'

Chatloop connects refugees with volunteers for convenient language practice through text messages

Just a few messages a day

A volunteer Chatloop partner sitting in an armchair sending and reading text messages
Volunteer partners can help out and make a difference with just 5 minutes of their day, from anywhere
A Chatloop language learner sitting by a cooler sending and reading text messages
Language learners get a regular, reliable drip feed of authentic communication practice
A female Chatloop volunteer typing a text message to a language learner

“I have a heart for the refugees and their plight and would love to assist them in any way possible and Chatloop is a wonderful initiative.” — Edith

Want to join Chatloop?

Two volunteer Chatloop partners sitting on a couch sending and reading text messages
It's free for refugees, people with refugee backgrounds, and volunteer partners.
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